Saturday, June 22, 2013

Why Is "Palestine" Such an Economic Basket Case?

According to a Toronto Star typist, it's because of the Joooos (funny, that's what Abbas and Hamas think, too):
But what of their [Palestinians'] long-term needs – such as a sustainable economy over which they have control?  The barriers to free movement for commercial as well as personal reasons and dwindling of Palestinian land only ensure a frustrating future of waiting for handouts from the international community.
Yeah, it's the "lack of free movement"--and not their raison d'etre of doing away with Israel, that affront to supremacist Islam--that's hampering their economic viability.

It's amazing the twaddle some "progressives" believe.

Update: Hey, typist--Egyptians have lots of land and free movement, and Egypt still can't get its act together. Is that Israel's fault, too?

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