Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Islamists Destroy the Last Synagogue in Java, a Building That Pre-Dated Islam

Can't allow any example of that jahiliya to hang around, after all. In an instance of really bad timing (and really bitter irony), American students on a religious pluralism tour paid a visit to the now-demolished Jewish house of prayer (not knowing it had been destroyed).

Beth Shalom in Surabaya, before it was demolished. (JG Photo/Christyandi Tri Syandi)

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Carlos Perera said...

The irony is that Indonesia was long touted as an exemplar of peaceful, tolerant Islam. Not that this will make the Jews of that nation feel better about the demolition of their synagogue, but the "Religion of Peace" crowd are also energetically trying to eradicate the Christian population. How multicultural! (The Western polities, of course, are following their usual policy of pretending that none of this is happening . . . and if you call attention to the plight of religious minorities in Islamic countries, the West's ruling and intellectual classes will condemn you--yes, _you_--for being a hate-mongering bigot.)