Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kerry Thinks His "Face" Will Effect a Breakthrough Between Israel and Palestinians

The man has an ego the size of Dar al Islam:
Jerusalem Post – WASHINGTON – US Secretary of State John Kerry will head back to the region this week in his latest drive to renew peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, hoping that his strategy of putting in personal face time with leaders on both sides will finally produce results.
Has he looked in the mirror lately? He ain't that purty.

My song for the SCOTUS:

Frankly, John, your lack of modesty reveals to them
Self-appraisal of the most delusional kind.

And if I add your punim doesn't much appeal to them
It's not 'cuz your face looks like your behind.

You've got all the qualities of Mrs. C.
Looking at her face did not make them agree.

Don't love your scarecrow face,
Your wary, scarecrow face.

Though you're the SCOTUS,
Please don't quote us,
You've got a lot of audacity, you see.
You fill the air with smoke.
Your M.O. is a joke.
Though you're no Machiavelli

Your "face" time's a disgrace,
Your wary, scarecrow face...

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