Saturday, June 29, 2013

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Muslim Brother(hood)

Andrew McCarthy has nothing good to say about Obama and Co. welcoming Qaradawi factotum Sheik bin Bayyah to the White House:
It is not known whether Donilon, Smith, Rashad Hussein (Obama’s envoy to the 57-government Organization of Islamic Cooperation), and the other administration officials on hand congratulated bin Bayyah and the IUMS on recently welcoming Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh as a member of the organization. Yes, Hamas is still a terrorist organization. And yes, it is still a federal crime to promote terrorism — at least nominally. But when it comes to the Brotherhood, our president is obviously of a mind to let bygones be bygones, insha Allah
Taking cues from the Brotherhood is working out well, wouldn’t you say? Iraq and Libya are imploding; the Obama-backed Islamic-supremacist regimes in Egypt and Turkey are brutally repressing authentic democratic revolts; the Taliban is poised to retake Afghanistan; and now, we’re off to Syria...
If things go according to plan, Assad will be toppled and al Qaeda types will rule in Damascus. And that's a good idea because...?

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Update: Jonathan S. Tobin says:
If the likes of Bin Bayyah are welcome in the White House, it’s little wonder the president and his foreign policy team have been unable to put forward a coherent policy on dealing with the problems of the Middle East.
My song for Bin Bayyah (the ditty he should have been sung in Washington):

Pack up all your jihadis,
Get rid of Hamas, please.
Bye Bin Bayyah.
MuBros are ambitious guys,
Viscous dudes; seditious lies.
Bye Bin Bayyah.
Infidels host him at their own peril.
He wants to make kafirs weak and sterile.
Obama is a big fat dud.
MuBros are out for blood.
Bin Bayyah, buh bye,
Bin Bayyah, buh bye.

Update: Obama's Muslim Brotherhood doctrine is insane

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