Saturday, June 29, 2013

Christian Girl Accused of "Blasphemy" in Pakistan Finds Refuge in Canada

Don't tell any of our local zanies, 'kay?
A Christian girl who was falsely accused of blasphemy in Pakistan has fled to Canada, CBC News has learned. 
Rimsha Masih, 14, was charged with blasphemy in 2012 for allegedly burning pages of the Qu’ran. 
Although she was acquitted, supporters say her family decided to live in hiding after continued threats. 
The family made the secret journey to Canada just weeks ago – arriving at an undisclosed location in Toronto, according to Peter Bhatti, who runs a Christian organization that is helping them settle in Canada. 
Bhatti says that Masih, her parents and her brother and sister had to leave Pakistan in order to have safe, secure lives. 
Their journey to Canada comes after Masih’s case sparked an international outcry when she was arrested last August. 
A neighbour claimed she had burned pages of the Qu’ran. Masih – said to have Down’s syndrome – spent 25 days in an adult prison before being freed on bail. 
The incident fuelled new calls for reform of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, which have often been used to target religious minorities and to settle personal scores...
You can bet these tender-hearted Jews won't do much of anything to safeguard this sort of refugee.

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Maureen said...

Time for the Muslim community and Islam get with the times and stop living in the dark ages.