Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Political Message of Dykes v. Kykes

The Toronto Star reports on yesterday's Dyke March, which, like the Pride Parade (set to attract over a million people today, supposedly) has also been hit by the Zionhass bug:
Jacquie Buncel and Lorraine Gale, both of Toronto, have participated in the Dyke March with their daughters, Aviva, 12, and Maya, 10, since the girls were infants. Buncel said it was unusual a decade ago to take children to the Dyke March but it is more common now — evidenced Saturday by parents pushing baby strollers and youngsters carried on shoulders. 
“We haven’t met with a lot of homophobia as a family” said Buncel, who noted Toronto crowds — some people standing three deep in places along the Yonge Street segment, most with cameras — are supportive of marchers. 
Buncel and Gale, both in their early 50s, were part of a group carrying black placards that stated in pink lettering: “Boycott Gay Tourism to Israel” and “There’s nothing hot about cruising in an apartheid state.”
No doubt about it--Zionhass makes you hateful and stupid.

Update: Actually, there's plenty that's hot about cruising in Israel (which, contrary to the Big Lie purveyed by the leftist/Marxist/Islamist axis of Zionhass, is not and has never been an apartheid state).

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