Friday, June 28, 2013

Ontario's First Lesbian Premier Has Nothing, Squat, Diddly, to Say About QuAIA Zionhass Polluting the Pride Parade

One thing you can say about Premier Kathleen Wynne--when it comes to QuAIA's Zionhass, she has no balls at all:
TORONTO -- She's been busy running from one Pride event to another this week -- including two on Thursday -- and has made sure everyone knows she's the first Ontario premier to march in Toronto's Pride parade this Sunday. 
At a Law Society of Upper Canada Pride reception three nights ago our first openly gay Premier Kathleen Wynne waxed poetic about those who are "singled out for exclusion" because of their sexual identity and told the group they must all work together to ensure that "fairness and equality" are central to Ontario's values. 
She also referred to one of her big political agendas -- protecting school kids from "bullying" and giving them the right to form gay-straight alliances in Ontario schools. 
Obviously, as an openly gay right-of-centre married woman, I have absolutely no issue with Wynne being front and centre at a myriad of Pride events this week. 
What I do have problem with is her complete and utter silence on the very controversial Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA) file -- that is, the very toxic presence of this group both at the parade and at a Pride Week event. 
The province's stake in Pride is even higher than the City of Toronto's $140,000 grant (plus free policing and cleanup resources). This year the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport gave Pride Toronto a $350,000 Celebrate Ontario grant -- one that is supposed to assist festival organizers to attract more tourists...
Celebrate Zionhass. It has an eerily Third Reichian ring to it, no?

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