Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Zion-Loathing NGO Amnesty Int'l to Hold Yet Another "Peace" Music Festival (Featuring Sting) at--Wait For It--Auschwitz

British pop icon Sting is set to perform as the guest of honour at the annual Auschwitz peace festival this month.  
The Life Festival, which is supported by human rights organisation Amnesty International, will also showcase educational exhibitions on human rights issues.
Sting, real name Gordon Sumner, has previously performed in Tel Aviv and also collaborated on songs for Palestine.  
 Darek Maciborek, who initiated the festival that is now in its third year, said: "The main concept of the festival is to build peaceful relations beyond cultural and state borders where there is no place for antisemitism, racism, and other forms of xenophobia.  
"The message of a peace and tolerance comes from the town where, during the Second World War, there was the largest Nazi concentration and extermination camp – Auschwitz-Birkenau."
Actually, the message of peace and tolerance does NOT come this town. The message of ingrained, irrational Jew-hate activated by Hitler's insanity comes from it--but I guess that message is too overtly and specifically Jewy for these "peaceniks," more that a few of whom would be delighted were the Jewish state to disappear tomorrow. For anyone, much less one of the planet's foremost anti-Zionist NGOs, to hold a "peace"-themed musical festival on these grounds where Jews were incinerated is, quite simply, an abomination. 

Stay away, Sting. And, oh yeah, knock it off with the "collaboration," too, if you don't mind.

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