Thursday, June 27, 2013

This Section 13 Is No More. It Has Ceased To Be. It's Expired and Gone to Meet Its Maker. It's a Stiff, Bereft of Life...

Section 13=dead parrot. Hurray and huzzah!

Update: The "human rights" apparatchiks/kangaroos can no longer play the role of censor, but that doesn't mean we have free speech:
Section 13 ostensibly banned hate speech on the Internet and left it up to the quasi-judicial human rights commission to determine what qualified as "hate speech." 
But, unlike a court, there was no presumption of innocence of those accused of hate speech by the commission. 
Instead, those accused had to prove their innocence. 
With elimination of Section 13, producing and disseminating hate speech continues to be a Criminal Code violation but police and the courts will adjudicate rather than human rights tribunals.
Police? The courts? Swellllll!

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