Sunday, June 23, 2013

First They Came for Pamela Geller--But Certain Clueless, Craven Jews Who Refuse to See the Parallels Between Islamic Supremacists and Nazis Condemned HER and Not the Jew-Loathers

An American Thinker updates Pastor Niemöller's oft (too oft?) repeated testament for our times:
Pamela Geller is speaking up the way Martin Niemöller says Germans should have spoken up while they still had freedom of speech. To paraphrase for the benefit of Eric Yoffie, and his fellow travelers in the Anti-Defamation League, 
First they came for the Saturday people, and I did not speak up because I am not a Jew.
Then they came for the Sunday people, and I did not speak up because I am not a Christian.
Then they came for the "wrong kinds" of Muslims, and I did not speak up because I am not a Muslim.
Then they came for gay people, and I did not speak up because I am a heterosexual.
Then they came for women, and I did not speak up because I am a man.
Then they came for me, and nobody was left to speak up. 
Eric Yoffie and those like him have every right in the world to hold political positions, advocate for those positions, and vote accordingly. They cross the line, however, when they confuse a political agenda with a religion, and claim to speak on behalf of other members of the religion in question.
Eric Yoffie and those like him are tikkun olamist utopians--what do you expect?


Carlos Perera said...

Well, it is not just a Jewish thing (though I agree that Jews vituperating another Jew who is trying to warn them of an existential peril seems particularly perverse, given the history of the 20th century). The Leftist intelligentsia and their running dogs in the media, schools, NGOs, etc. reflexively side with the Other, and against the interests of those--countrymen, co-religionists, . . . congeners in general . (Remember Robert Frost's famous definition of a liberal?)

I am more and more convinced that the root of the problem, i.e., Leftists' loathing and contempt for those who stand up for the traditional values of Western Civilization is summarized by your fellow Canadian blogress, Kate McMillan, in the heading above _Small Dead Animals_: "Not showing up to riot is a failed conservative strategy." Our side is the one that carefully obtains all required permits in order peaceably to assemble, observes all restrictions on the use of public space, and then carefully picks up all the litter on the ground (which usually was there to being with). We just are not scary.

Leftists do not respect restraint and regard for the rule of law; they see weakness. They intuit that people like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer can be pushed around, because there is no pushback from their side, so they _do_ push them around. It feels good, in a bullying sort of way.

scaramouche said...

Leftists and Islamists--two groups intent on power--are determined to put an end to the "blasphemy." I suppose they do it because if feels good to bully, but I think it's more because they have an unquenchable lust for power.

Anonymous said...

Kudos Mindy - an excellent article. You may want to undertakes the massive censorship case of a federal agent whistle blower whose book manuscripts were seized from his family at gun-point in America because he wrote about serious government crime and then went to Canada to file a refugee claim and then forced into exile in China. These links will give you the background but at least 4 hours of reading will get you all the facts about the murders involved as well