Thursday, June 20, 2013

Putting the "Fun" in Fundamentalism, Dubai to Build a Quran-Themed Amusement Park

Watch out for those sharia midway games, though. You might lose a hand:
Dubai has added a new item to its top ambitions such as building the world's largest Ferris wheel and bidding for an Angry Birds theme park — a site honoring the Quran. 
The estimated $7.3 million project will include a garden with plants mentioned in the Islamic holy book and an air-conditioned tunnel depicting events from the Quran. 
Dubai media quoted the city's director of projects, Mohammed Noor Mashroom, as saying Thursday the park should be ready in September 2014. 
It's a departure from Dubai's emphasis on Western-style tourism, which draws millions of visitors from around the Muslim world but has its detractors. 
This week, a Saudi cleric issued a religious edict saying it was a "sin" for Saudi women to visit Dubai, but later retracted the opinion after outcry.
Don't tell me, lemme guess: they're going to call it Quranworld.

Update: The theme park's marketing department has already hit on the perfect slogan:

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