Sunday, July 25, 2010

Coming This November--Another "Human Rights" Industry Confab

Be the first on your block to sign up (although the idea of visiting Winnipeg in late November--not exactly a selling point, guys). Here's the announcement on the CHRC site, chockfull of crunchy delicious jargon about "stakeholders" and "best practices," etc:
2010 Discrimination Prevention Forum
Circle of Awareness, Cycle of Growth
Winnipeg November 23-24, 2010
The Discrimination Prevention Forum is an avenue for human rights stakeholders to share best practices on emerging issues of discrimination in the workplace. It gathers hundreds of leaders and decision makers from government, private sector and non-profit organizations across Canada.
Aboriginal Focus
This year, the Canadian Human Rights Commission's Discrimination Prevention Branch is teaming up with its National Aboriginal Initiative office to focus on the advancement of Aboriginal people in the workplace. The theme, Circle of Awareness, Cycle of Growth, conveys that knowledge and cultural sensitivity are key to fostering positive relationships in the workplace. Participants will interact with panel members and peers in an informal setting and put their skills to use in hands-on workshops.
Topics include:
- Strategies for removing barriers
- How to build positive mental health in the workplace
- Ways of accommodating religious practices
- Human rights in Aboriginal organizations
So in the pecking order of victim groups, would you say Aboriginals rank before or after Muslims (a subject which, confoundingly, the forum is not about to address)?


Blazingcatfur said...

Oh does that mean I can get a job with the Band Council?

scaramouche said...

Yes, the Irish Band Council.

Jim R said...

I'd like to tell them what to do with those stakes their holding.

Vlad Dracula developed the best practice already.