Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mausoleum Defaults on Tax Bill

Along with sopping up mucho dinero from the Canadian taxpayer (with no end in sight), Canada's mausoleum for "human rights" is expecting the city of Winnipeg, the burg where it's based, to swallow a tax bill for $360,000.

See, you and I have to pony up the dough to fund this insatiable behemoth, but millionairess Gail Asper, daughter of the Izzy, driving force behind the project, doesn't see why it should be compelled to carry its own fiscal weight.

Considering all that the mausoleum is about to give us (i.e. a permanent shrine to eternal, ennobling victimhood), that seems fair, doesn't it?

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Paul said...

Canadian oligarchs like the Aspers and the Desmarais,(the other big contributor to this white elephant), are experts at gaming Canada's socialism to THEIR full advantage.

For a change it would be nice to see these phony benefactors act like capitalist pigs.

We would all be better off and have a few more dollars left in our pockets; NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.