Thursday, July 8, 2010

The OPP "Get" Their Man

After conducting an extensive--nay, exhaustive--investigation, police and Ontario's Attorney-General have decided that, after all, Salman Hossain's relentless utterances calling for the mass slaughter of Jewry were "crossing the line significantly" (the way OPP chief Julian Fantino put it) and he will face criminal charges. One eensy problem. All the shilly-shallying gave the Judeophile a chance to decamp to beautiful Bangladesh some time ago. (You don't suppose that was deliberate, do you?) Stewart Bell, who has been following the Hossain saga for years, has the story:
...While Mr. Hossain will face criminal charges, arresting him will be more complicated. He left the country before the OPP investigation was completed and is now in South Asia, where he continues to advocate racist violence on his U.S.-based website.
“Yes, I am a fanatic,” he wrote in one of his recent posts from abroad. “I am ready to kill millions.” Last week, he wrote, “We must never cease in our efforts to eliminate the Jewish people from the face of the earth. Their permanent liquidation and destruction is the only solution.”
Under Canada’s hate propaganda law, it is illegal to advocate or promote a genocide against an identifiable group. Offenders face up to five years imprisonment for each count. The law has been on the books for decades but it has never been used.
Canada’s only genocide trials to date have involved suspects accused of mass atrocities abroad, in countries such as Rwanda. The government has also deported suspected war criminals on the grounds they were complicit in genocides.
But Mr. Hossain’s repeated calls for the mass killings of Jews may have prompted the Crown to put the genocide law to its first test. All charges under the hate propaganda section of the Criminal Code require the approval of the provincial Attorney-General.

In addition to filing charges, the OPP could use the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty to ask its law enforcement partners in the United States to shut down the website that posts Mr. Hossain’s alleged hate materials.

Mr. Hossain did not respond to an email asking whether he would return voluntarily to Canada to face charges, but his “official spokesman” told a Post reporter on May 21: “You need to stop your harassment of Mr. Hossin, because he’s not the only one calling for your execution you rat faced scumbag.... Every last Jew on planet earth needs [sic] executed IMMEDIATELY …”
Well, call me gobsmacked--sort of. On the one hand, the cops' laggardly approach to the affair signalled their reluctance to deal with a trash-talking Muslim. On the other, had they failed to charge him, it would have made the longstanding-but-never-before-used law under which he was charged, state censorship and, indeed, Canadian multiculturalism, our national religion, look even more pointless and ridiculous than they are. So rest easy, Jews. The cops have your back. The system works. The long arm of the law (which they'd like you to believe extends all the way to Bangladesh) will "protect" you from Hossain. Allah's in his heaven and all's right in this, the best of all possible Trudeaupias. (Sorry, the big news made me go all giddy and Candide for a moment.)

Update: BCF writes:
This farce proves that hate crime laws are nothing more than political tools in the hands of our political fools. Ontario was able to arrest, charge, try and convict an 83 year old Nazi in a period of 6 months for - get this - scribbling on washroom walls. They had 3 years and 2 attempts and more than enough hard evidence to lay charges against Slammin Salman Hossain. They thew the Jewish Community an 83 year old bone and spat in their face by giving Hossain plenty of time and warning to flee.

The Salman Hossain charges are a deceitful pantomine performed to cause the least offense to the Muslim community, an ascendant ethnic voting bloc and carrier of the coveted "State Designated Victim" banner. That's the way the game is rigged under Multicult, recall the alleged Canadian Human Rights Commission' refusal to bring a case against a hate spewing Montreal Iman or the asinine "Human Rights" cases brought against Ezra Levant, Macleans & Mark Steyn and even B'nai Brith - a case allowed to drag on for 5 years. All Hate Crime laws, whether criminal or civil have been proven suspect by this craven "politically correct" decision. Cowards.
What kitty said. Somehow I doubt the above will be the talking points at this afternoon's news conference, though.

Update: As BCF points out, authorities were able to wrap up the case of the scary, decrepit marker-wielder in a matter of months. Whereas, as this timeline shows, l'affaire Hossain was allowed to drag on for many years.

Update: Five Feet of Fury nails it:

I don't think Hossain should be arrested, regardless of what he writes on a website, here or in "South Asian."
However, if we are going to lock up old white men for scribbling swastikas, and jailing women for years for crossing invisible, imaginary lines outside certain buildings, we should be going after young Muslim men with the same fervour, no?
Update: Re the grafitti geezer, the Ceej has this to say back in May:
Toronto – Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) commends Justice Norman Douglas for the forceful sentence handed down in Guelph, Ontario today in the case of Max Mahr. Mr. Mahr has been convicted under the hate crimes provisions of the criminal code for defacing public property with antisemitic graffiti and symbols. CJC strongly supports the sentence given to Mr. Mahr of six months in jail, forty hours of community service and two years probation.
”Justice Douglas clearly reflected how Canadians feel about crimes of hate,” said Bernie M. Farber, CEO of Canadian Jewish Congress. “The sentence and its unequivocal message speaks volumes about the importance of protecting minority communities in this country.”
“Acts of hatred such as those perpetrated by Mr. Mahr cause fear, anxiety and harm,” said Len Rudner, Ontario Regional Director of Canadian Jewish Congress. “The diligence shown by police services and Crown prosecutors in this matter shows that authorities treat these crimes with appropriate seriousness, which should bring a sense of security to the Jewish and wider communities.”
Actually, Mad Max's marker antics didn't engender so much as an iota of fear and anxiety in me. I'm far more "anxious" about the harm being caused by those louts over at government-funded Palestine House. But, hey, that's just me.


Blazingcatfur said...

This is stinkier than a Salman Mousse left out in a heat wave.

scaramouche said...

Heh. Even so it will be framed as a great victory for and by the Ceej.

Blazingcatfur said...

Well they will be holding a press conference today, Fantino, the Ceej and B'nai Brith, if they trumpet this as a victory they'll deserve to be laughed outta town. I smell a video comin up - with Send in the Clowns as the soundtrack;)

scaramouche said...

Bernie sings to Julian:

Isn't it rich?
Are we a pair?
You with your warrant in hand,
No time to spare.
But, where is Hossain?
Quick, capture Hossain.

It's not too late
Tho' you moved slow.
Gave him some time to escape--
Where did he go?
But where is Hossain?
Please, capture Hossain.

Just when it seemed
You were in a daze.
Tapping those "shiksas"
As victims--
It made me amazed.
Counting on censors again
In my usual way.
Sure they're our hope.
What else can I say?

Don't you love farce?
Done my part there, too.
I thought that Jews'd want what I want--
What a maroon!
But where is Hossain?
Please, capture Hossain.
Well, maybe real soon.

Man with Hat said...

Next up Elmo? And what about his boss who keeps this scum employed becoming our next GG?