Friday, July 23, 2010

Pining for the Now Defunct 'Filthy Jewish Terrorists'? There are Plenty More Where It Came From

Attention Jew/Zion-haters: Are you suffering withdrawal pangs now that Salman Hossain's Filthy Jewish Terrorists site is no longer a going concern? Well, habibi, do I have a site for you (one, I'm sure, of untold numbers in this vein). It's called ziofascism (get it? 'Zion' plus 'fascism'? pretty clever, eh?) and it claims to have

compiled evidence of the overweening and deleterious influence of Zionism on Canada's foreign and domestic policies
That's because, as you probably already know

Israel is a terrorist, apartheid state that bombs civilian neighbourhoods and hospitals, and engages in ethnic cleansing against it's (sic) enemies and covert terror against it's (sic) 'friends'.
Unfortunately, here in Canada
the Israel Lobby - a web of organizations presided over by a handful of Jewish billionaires, who head the nominal "Jewish groups" that together with media that is owned by some of the same billionaires - has shaped Canada's policy to favour Israel's security interests at the expense of Canada's.
Every political leader of every mainstream party genuflects to these groups, and adheres to the falsehoods they perpetrate through their lobbying and media efforts.
But that's just the tip o' what you might call the Zion iceburg (or "iceberg," since it's Jewish):
"Wait," you say, "what of the Americans who outnumber Canadians 10 to 1 and are our biggest trading partner? Surely they have more influence over Canada than a tiny middle eastern country?"
If you do your research, you find that the USA is controlled by the Zionists as well...
Well, duh! Tell me something I don't know, haters.

One hate site down; a gazillion more to go.


Blazingcatfur said...

Ah heck I've had the pleasure of being denounced by Ziofascism as what else a zionist Stooge - I've also been implicated in a Mossad false Flag operation as well,

He's a funny guy.

scaramouche said...

Funny-crazy, you mean. In the long, unillustrious tradition of kooks, crackpots and obsessives who've glommed on to the over-arching explanation for everything that ails and drives the world, trying it all up in one neat, loopy bow.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, your faggotronic 'Jew World Order' ain't gonna happen. Yes, Jews and Zionists control much of the world's media, and money supply. They are behind much of the world's terrorism and they use their media empire to scapegoat their victims. They have duped brainwashed American goyim to fight and die for Israel's security and geo-political interests as well as Jewish bankers and war-profiteers like Rothschild, Schiff, Warburg, Oppenheimer, Goldman Sachs, and so on. Why don't you repent and maybe you'll get a prison cell that isn't lined with dog-shit when the Zio-turd empire comes crashing down?