Saturday, July 24, 2010

Willful Clulessness as a Security M.O.

The U.S. security bureacracy is immense and growing huger by the day, writes Diana West. But you may as well take the massive expenditure and flush it down the loo because there's one key factor that the bureacracy is bound and determined to ignore. I'm pretty sure you can guess what it is.

I will bet my bottom dollar that in all of the hyper-burgeoning bureaucracies there is no single office organized to study, in Pentagon parlance, the "enemy threat doctrine" of jihad, which has, whether it is admitted or not, driven this intelligence boom in the first place. Similarly, I will bet there is no program designed to investigate the historical, canonical goals of jihad movements: namely, the spread of Islamic law (Sharia), and the attendant condition of dhimmitude that Sharia imposes on Islamized and Islam-dominated populations, even as such dhimmitude is an enabler of jihad. Instead, what we see in this frantic, government-led explosion is an Orwellian study in mass denial, a hamster-in-a-cage approach to what was first masked as "terror" and is now disguised as "transnational violent extremists" despite the fact that the threat is precisely and guilelessly presented by perps the world over as Islamic jihad.
Such is life in the politically correct, multiculturally dictated (read: dishonest) world.
Yes, because to acknowledge the jihad as a jihad might hurt Muslims' feelings. And what excruciatingly sensitive multicultist would ever want to do that?


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