Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"If Sharia Law Becomes the Order of the Day, Canada Will Be Truly Blessed"

Those exact words just came out of the mouth of Imam Steve Rockwell on AM640. The imam was arguing in favour of "multiculturalism" (the Trojan horse that abets the sharia agenda he articulated above).


Admin said...

I heard that.

I think the only reason that Oakley has that moron on so regularly is that he does as much damage to Islam in 30 minutes that normal people take a week to do.

scaramouche said...

Oakley sounded pretty fed up with the imam today. Perhaps his days of unfettered bloviation on AM640 (during which time, for some unknown reason, he almost invariably calls the National Post the "Hebron Post"; last time I checked, the Muslims were in charge of that ancient holy Jewish city) may be numbered.

Br Bruno said...

If Sharia Law will be a blessing to Canada I am glad I moved to the USA three years ago!