Friday, February 18, 2011

The Witless Multiculti Wizard of Oz

Muslim Bro Joe Qaradawi's website notes that there's one infidel land that isn't turning its back on multiculturalism (the unicultural phenomenon that enables large numbers of Muslims to set up shop in Dar al Harb and endeavour to adapt it to suit their needs and desires): Australia. According to this piece, Muslims have been there "for more than 200 years, [and] make up 1.7 percent of its 20-million population," and the country's multiculti minister claims all is well with the social doctrine and the immigrants:
SYDNEY – Swimming against a rising tide of criticism of immigration in Europe, an Australian minister has defended multiculturalism, saying immigrants have been a success story in multi-cultural Australian society.

"To me, multiculturalism is a bit like a marriage. It has its stresses and strains," Immigration Minister Chris Bowen told the conservative Sydney Institute think-tank in a speech cited by Agence France-Press (AFP) on Thursday, February 17.

"We have to remind each other occasionally that we are better off with each other. It takes nurturing; it takes care.

"It is in that spirit tonight that I quite proudly proclaim that Australian multiculturalism has worked.”...
It is in that spirit that I declare peace in our time.

Oh, sorry. Something came over me for a sec.

To proclaim multiculti was worked (when all evidence is to the contrary) it takes groveling; it takes the ability to blow smoke out your backside--both of which this clueless dhim-wit has mastered.

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