Sunday, April 10, 2011

Key Fetishization Funded on the West's Dime

Winnipegger Rhonda Spivak visited two UN-run Palestinian refugee perpetuation camps recently and reports that she saw a distressingly familiar sight at one of them:
I have recently been to two Palestinian refugee camps run by the United Nations Refugee and Works Agency [UNWRA] near Bethlehem. My visit has unfortunately have left me with the impression that the Palestinians as a whole are far from giving up on the right of return to their 1948 homes and villages in Israel. I saw first hand how Palestinian refugees in UNWRA camps live in what I can only describe as a ‘time warp,” as these UNWRA camps perpetuate the illusion of them one day returning to former homes and villages in pre-67 Israel.
For example, I was rather shocked to see that the entrance to the Aida UNWRA refugee camp has a “huge key” that says “not for sale,” promoting the notion of a right of return, which can not be bought. [This begs the question why the West allows this to be put up in a UN refugee camp that the West funds, which only feeds the illusion of a mass right of return, which means the ultimate destruction of Israel.]...
Gag me with a humongous key

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