Monday, August 15, 2011

Bernie on Law and Order

Bernie Farber, running as fast as he can as Dalton McShifty's guy in Thornhill, doesn't like his Tory rival Peter Shurman's tough talk on crime and punishment; no, not even a bit. As he tells ShalomLife readers (BTW, isn't it some sort of conflict of interest for a political candidate to have a regular gig in a Jewish community rag during the lead up to an election?):
Ontario has long been a province of tough, practical people. The Ontario way is to ask: "what works?" and make decisions based on reality, not ideology. But ideology, rather than reality, is behind Peter Shurman’s shortsighted campaign promise to have convicted criminals work near our homes, parks and schools. It is designed to score cheap political points and brings real safety risks to our community of Thornhill and, indeed in communities across Ontario.
And far be it for Bernie to score--now, how did he put it again?--oh, yeah, "cheap political points." But I digress. The former Ceej chief sums up his take on the issue this way:
I believe in being tough on crime and equally tough on the causes of crime. But steps to do so must be based on evidence and what works. These issues cannot be tackled with talking points and sound bites.
Sigh. He really makes it much too easy for me, but here goes. "What works" in Bernieworld is (drum roll, please): censoring the bejeezus out of people, freaking out over juvvie-drawn swastiskies,  and watching as his pals in the local constabulary make like the most incompetent Clouseaus as they dicker and dither long enough to allow a splenetic Muslim Jew-loather to slip through their fingers. (That's law and order P.C.-style--just ask David Menzies.)

Oh, and let's not forget all the issues Bernie has tackled with talking points and sound bites.

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... if Bubble Boy gets even 300 votes, I'd be surprised.