Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Did the Ceeb Just Defame the JDL a Second Time?

Why, yes; yes it did. In a Jewish Tribune report about how the JDL plans to sue Canada's public broadcaster (in brief: a Ceeb "expert" called the JDL a banned terrorist organization; the JDL plans to sue despite the fact that an apology--a pretty feeble one--was read out over the air--five days later), company gal Esther Enkin does the deed:
The report caught the attention of JDL supporters, who complained to CBC. Executive editor Esther Enkin responded to one complaint via e-mail, claiming Gillespie made an honest mistake.
“It is not [a terrorist organization], of course,” wrote Enkin in part, “although the Jewish Defence League is identified as a terrorist organization by the United States government. CBC News security specialist Bill Gillespie intended to refer to Kahane Chai (or Kach), which is on the Canadian government list of terrorist organizations, and not the JDL.”
Wrong-o! As in Canada, it is only Kach that makes the list.


One eagerly awaits Ms. Enkin's apology for adding insult to injury via her defamatory "clarification"?


Michael Laven said...

Isn't the real problem here that the billion-dollar boondoggle is full of dorks and twits, of the sort who wouldn't check that out even when faced with a defamation suit?

It's the best excuse I can think of for them.

Look on the bright side. They might have to give some of OUR tax money to the JDL in settlement.

If they keep this up, we may end up with some kind of distributive justice.

Do you think we could get them to slander US?

Andy Lehrer said...

Actually, the FBI does identify the JDL as a terrorist organization.

scaramouche said...

She didn't say the FBI. She said, and I quote, "the United States government."

scaramouche said...

Denyse--knowing as I do that most judges in our land tack left, I predict that the JDL's case with either be dismissed at the outset, or, if it goes to trail, that the JDL will lose.

scaramouche said...

Oops! Make that "trial," not "trail".

Andy Lehrer said...

Hate to break it to you but the FBI is part of the US government. That's where the "Federal" in their name comes from, you know, and yes, the FBI named the JDL as a terrorist organization in their 2000/2001 annual report.