Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Ceeb: Do As It Says Not As It Does

The Globe and Mail's Margaret Wente says that most Canadians, even many die-hard lefty ones, think the Ceeb ambushing a public figure, even a hated conservative one, at his family home is an unconscionable intrusion. "Not even bona fide investigative journalists are entitled to harass whoever they want on their own property," she writes.

Well, yes. But if you're a Ceeb sort of squishy leftist, you likely don't have much respect for private property/property rights which, after all, are not even mentioned in our sacred, squishy Rights Charter.

Which is to say, you see nothing wrong with the Ford "home invasion" (Ezra Levant's cheeky description), but make sure you put up barriers to keep out the hoi polloi (who pay your bills) when you fete one of your obnoxious own (to the tune of a quarter mill) so he can get to hang out with "the cool people"--Hollywood types, don't you know?--during the Toronto film festival.

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