Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gaddafi: Stud or Queen?

If was said of late soul singer Ray Charles's female backup singers that if you wanted to be a "Raelette" you had to "let Ray." By the same token, word is that if you wanted to be one of Muammar Gadaffi's Italian female bodyguards--call them Mu's Shrews--you had to be prepared to screw Mu:
According to reports, his bodyguards, in addition to being women, were chosen for being virgins. Furthermore, they had to take a vow of chastity and swear to lay down their lives for him. Apparently, they took their oaths seriously -- they reportedly never left his side, day or night. These trained guards were well-versed in martial arts and were experts in the use of weapons, according to a Daily Mail report. The Huffington Post said the women underwent "extensive martial arts and firearms training at a special academy" before they were officially inducted.

Gadhafi must have thought it made sense to train beautiful women and turn them into killers. Sporting lipstick and high heels in a country where women wore veils in public, his contingent certainly turned heads.

Gadhafi's guards were synonymous with his reign. He would parade them as a symbol of his belief in female liberation. However, as the war kept getting worse, members of his force accused him and his sons of rape and abuse.

"They would come and take us by the hand and walk us down the corridor. We knew what would happen," said a teenaged guard, Nisrine Gheriyanih, in a report to India Today. 
Gadhafi's visit to Italy in 2009 was punctuated by the invitation of 500 attractive Italian girls for an evening at his villa. He, reportedly, used the event to persuade the girls to convert to Islam and handed them all a copy of his "Green Book"...
Quel turn-on.

Colour me sceptical, but given Gadaffi's drag queen tendencies, I can't help but be somewhat dubious about claims re the potentate's alleged potency. Maybe he only had one-on-ones with his Italian chicks to exchange fashion tips and solicit inside info about Donatella Versace.

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