Friday, October 28, 2011

Christie Blatchford, Warrior Queen!

In the wake of the Rob Ford home invasion, Christie Blatchford has a great take-down of head-up-butt Ceebers Jian Ghomeshi and scary Mary Walsh.

First, here she is on Jian, whose radio show she happened to catch during her down time covering the Kingston "honour" killings trial:
“Oh dear, Rob Ford,” Mr. Ghomeshi began, and went on to chide the mayor for not knowing the “first rule of politics – play along with the satirists”, agreeing that approaching him at his home was rough but adding, “This is Mary Walsh we’re talking about, Marg, Princess Warrior”.
He pointed out that Ms. Walsh has ambushed other politicians (mind you, few, if any, that I could find at their homes). Why, they could take a joke, he said, though in fact, when I watched the video on the CBC website, I thought most of them, but for Stephen Harper, looked profoundly uncomfortable.
The inference was huge: Mr. Ford bloody ought to have known who Ms. Walsh was (the show, Mr. Ghomeshi said, is a “national institution” and has been on the air since 1993) and is surely an out-of-touch rube, and a humourless one at that.
But then, he concluded sadly with that special knowingness of CBC hosts, this is the “new Toronto,” where creative expression is stifled, to which I’d say that may be so, but what has creative expression to do with 22 Minutes?

Next, here's her perfect diss of scary Mary:
Ms. Walsh may be the only unfunny person I have ever seen from Newfoundland...
Now, that's funny; far too funny, in fact, to have emanated from the Ceeb.

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