Saturday, October 22, 2011

"How I Was Digitally Transformed Into a Hate Cleric"

Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick, who's got PC/victim group bona fides up the ying-yang (he's "an African American who grew up during America’s civil rights era and whose ancestry includes people from the Mohawk nation"), makes like an Emile Zola and lobs a "J'accuse" at "haters" who've cherry-picked his words:
The group spent a great deal of time pouring over many years of my audio lectures and carefully selecting quotes that misrepresent me as homophobic and intolerant of Christians and Jews.
Uppity dhimmis! How dare they? Don't they know that, in the scheme of things, the cleric's position on Jews (he says they're "filth") and gays (he believes they're cruising for a stoning) represents but an infinitesimal portion of the totality of his holy utterances? Crikey, some people are just soooo intolerant!

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