Thursday, October 27, 2011

Koring Opens a Vein, Bleeds Like Crazy For "Abused" Omar Khadr

Globe and Mail scribbler Paul Koring is in major sob sister mode as he recounts the "choices" facing our poor homey, Omie:
This week, huddled with his lawyers, Mr. Khadr may be examining his options. 
He could agree to seek repatriation quietly, to serve his remaining time and try to re-enter Canadian society as unobtrusively as possible in an attempt to salvage something approaching normality for the remaining two-thirds of his life. That would require the Harper government to approve and quickly facilitate his return.

In return, lawyers familiar with his case believe Mr. Khadr would need to agree to abandon any further constitutional challenges.

But some lawyers believe Mr. Khadr could be out in less than a year if he takes his case again to the Canadian courts. They believe Mr. Khadr could challenge the U.S. war crimes conviction and the sentence, claiming both were illegal under international law. In Canada, the Supreme Court has already ruled that the government failed to properly protect Mr. Khadr’s rights.

A constitutional challenge could embarrass the government and force public disclosure of the role its agents played in Mr. Khadr’s interrogation. But it would also cast him again in the spotlight, likely making his family even more unpopular.

Many regard Mr. Khadr as a victim, an abused and gravely injured child soldier, who should never have been imprisoned by his American captors let alone put on trial for war crimes....
Cue the shmaltzy violin.

Update: Koring's line about Omar's supposed desire to "salvage something approaching normality" inspired this poem (a poem for Om'):

What's "normal" for Omar Khadr
May not be the norm for anhadr.
To wit and i.e.:
He a jihadi
Like his fhadr, his sisdr and mhadr.

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