Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stalinesque Fun at Ryerson U

A Soviet-themed party recalls the "good old days" of Uncle Joe et al:
Soviet Union-themed posters have stirred up controversy on Ryerson’s campus.
The University of Toronto Russian Students’ Association (RSA) created the posters to promote their “Back in CCCP” party on Nov. 12.
While the posters were displayed around campus, there was no indication that the event wasn’t from Ryerson.
CCCP is the Russian acronym for the USSR. Posters also featured the characteristic sickle and hammer and red star.
RSA president Danil Shezelev said he planned to throw a “retro party.” He didn’t think the theme was an issue and he didn’t mean to offend anyone by “reminding them of the darker history” of the USSR.
“We didn’t throw a Siberian exile party,” he said...
Yes, because that would have been tasteless.

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