Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hirsi Ali Urges Canadians to Fight Oppressive HRCs

We Canadians have been living with our quasi-totalitarian "human rights" system for so long that we've become quite blasé about the way it oppresses us and deprives us of rights. But when Licia Corbella of the Calgary Herald told an outsider--Ayaan Hirsi Ali--about our obnoxious "human rights" busybodies, she was more than a little shocked:
When told about Canada's human rights commissions persecuting and prosecuting a publisher of the Mohammad cartoons and others who offended homosexuals, she is incredulous.
"A human rights body that wants to silence people - that's a contradiction. It's absurd. A total absurdity.
You must fight that. Canadians must fight that."
Nah, we have far for important things to do--like, say, bringing "freedom" to Libya and other parts of the globe. (Far easier to do that than have to tend to the erosion of freedom in your own backyard, right?)

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