Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pricey "Human Rights" Confab Gives "Grassroots" Organizations (Like, Say, CASMO?) a Break

Here's your chance to catch the "human rights" industry (including Ontario's "beloved" head "human rights" commissar, Barbara Hall, one of many "insightful speakers) in action--if you can afford it:
Join Us On October 25 & 26, 2011
Be part of two days of thought-provoking panels, case studies, workshops and keynotes. Join leaders and influencers from visible minority, Aboriginal and disability communities, government, political parties, charities, non-profit organizations and media to learn best practices and innovative approaches to engaging diverse communities in creating programs and policy.Presentations will include topics such as balancing conflicting rights between minority groups, the role of faith in public and political policy, identifying community thought-leaders, diversity in politics and more… For more information, please visit our schedule and speakers pages.
Tickets are available now
Two-day delegate tickets are available for only $399 + HST.
One-day delegate tickets are available for only $225 + HST
Grassroots community organizations and students tickets are available for $100 + HST.
How does it work if you want to get the "Grassroots" discount? Do you get to define yourself as such--in the same way that, according to OHRC dogma, the transgendered get to define themselves (i.e. that you're male or female--even if, anatomically-speaking, you're not--if you say you are)? If so, then the self-described "grassroots" Khomeinists of CASMO would seem to qualify.

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