Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Dialectic Materialism"=Sharia

We read in the National Post today that "Middle Eastern countries" are keen to "mix religious, civil law," thereby somehow "Integrating Islam and democracy."

Pretty neat trick, eh?

But say you do manage to "mix" the two in some sort of Hegelian thesis-antithesis process, you'd still end up with something that is not democracy in any Western sense of the concept; something that's a lot more Islamist than it is democratic.

Same deal when you add those who come from cultures practising a Medieval, literalist Islam to the multicultural "mix." Eventually, as Mark Steyn points out in this post about the Afghan dad, mom and son on trial for the mass murder of the most uppity (i.e. the most assimilated) chicks in their family, instead of them adapting to us, we adapt to them (hello remorseless Islamization), as our society is utterly transformed:
It's hard to see what Canada has to gain from admitting significant numbers of people from the culture that spawned the Shafias. Perhaps in time one could make functioning western citizens of them, but it would be a slow process and, even if we had the stomach for it, would be unlikely to justify itself in cost-benefit terms. So instead they come and settle into a culture that asks nothing of them. And slowly but remorselessly we adapt to them: Police departments learn to tiptoe round touchy subjects like "honour killing"; hospitals evolve from "FGM" (the pejorative "female genital mutilation") to "FGC" (the less judgmental "female genital cutting"); and a courthouse in Ontario discreetly reorders its day in order not to inconvenience the translators that "Canadian citizens" now require:
On Fridays, the judge told the jurors, the lunch schedule will be shifted so the interpreters, all male, can get to mosque for prayers.
The multicultural experiment is not worth it. By the time those who foisted it on the post-war west acknowledge that, it will be too late.
For us as well as for the poor women subjected to such misogynistic horrors.

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