Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ceeb Pulls Off a "Gotcha" on Rob Ford After All

Here's the skinny on Mayor Ford (who is famously rotund): the Ceeb sent one of its most deranged harridans to bait him at his own home, where he lives with his wife and young kids. Refusing to interact with her and her film crew, the mayor called 911. Since the Ceeb couldn't get the "gotcha" of the mayor swearing at the harridan, it settled for second best--the mayor allegedly swearing at 911 dispatchers.

The Ceeb thinks we should be shocked--shocked!--by such behaviour. However, a guy who's received death threats provoked to drop a few f-bombs because he's been ambushed in his own driveway in view of his five-year-old daughter isn't at all shameful.

The ambushing, on the other hand, is.

Update: A police source begs to differ re the swearing:
A police source said the mayor got impatient and called the 9-1-1 service a second time and got into a heated discussion with the dispatchers.
The source, who is familiar with the events, disagreed however with a CBC Radio report that said Mr. Ford had used profanities in his discussion with the dispatcher.
Gee, you don't suppose the Ceeb is fabricating stuff in order to make a despised conservative look bad (the very purpose of its ambush), do you?

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