Saturday, October 29, 2011

Reuters' Mot Unjuste

You may accuse me of nit-picking, but there's a word in this Reuters report that struck me as being both odd and inappropriate:
(Reuters) - Israel's air force bombed an Islamic Jihad base in the Hamas-governed Gaza Strip on Saturday, killing five senior militants and drawing cross-border Palestinian rocket salvoes that killed an Israeli civilian. 
The flare-up smashed the relative lull in violence that had surrounded an Egyptian-mediated prisoner swap last week between the Jewish state and Islamist Hamas, which is negotiating a fraught power-share with its U.S.-backed Palestinian rivals.

The air strike on the training camp in southern Rafah followed a rocket launch this week which the Israelis blamed on Islamic Jihad. That attack caused no casualties but the rocket landed deep enough to set off sirens on Tel Aviv's outskirts.

Islamic Jihad said one of its commanders, Ahmed al-Sheikh Khalil, and four comrades who had overseen production of bombs and rockets for the faction died in the mid-day strike. Two other fighters were wounded.

Israel's military said its aircraft "targeted a terrorist squad ... that was preparing to launch long-range rockets."

It said in a statement that those hit were responsible for the rocket launch late on Wednesday, though no Palestinian faction had claimed responsibility...
 "Comrades" sounds much too band-of-brotherish and friendly, no?

Either that or much too Commie.


Carlos Perera said...

_Comrade_ is a word that subliminally trips off the tongue (or off the typing fingers) of the average Reuters reporter.

scaramouche said...