Thursday, October 20, 2011

There Are None So Blind As a Reuters Moral Relativist

Reuters scribbler Crispian Balmer (sounds positively, Waughian, no?--like something out of Scoop or, adding an "Em" to Balmer, out of The Loved One), (mis)reads volumes into the fact that both sides are in celebratory mode post-Shalit release:
Palestinians and Israelis celebrating at the same time is a rare occurrence. Their simultaneous elation on Tuesday over a mass prisoner swap is raising a faint glimmer of hope for progress in ending the Middle East conflict.
I realize that Western reporters are masters of amoral moral equivalence of the kind that can draw a direct parallel between Israelis celebrating the return of a kidnapped soldier and Arabs celebrating the release of suicide bombers and other would-be genocidaires, but it takes a special--a deplorable--kind of blindness to detect something positive in the simultaneity of the celebrations.

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Rick said...

Now if there had been 1,000 Israelis released, that would be a different story.