Monday, October 31, 2011

What Good Will Common Sense For It Do?

Mark Steyn's Song of the Week is "Witchcraft," which hands me an excuse to give my version of the Coleman-Leigh number another spin:

Those 'splosives down their pants.
Those noxious imam rants
That make 'em take a chance--
It's jee-had.

And there is no defence for it.
When P.C. spin commences it
Drives out all common sense PDQ.

'Cause it's jee-had.
Just a jee-had.
And although some go, "It's strictly taboo."

When you arouse a need precise--
A need to shtup in Paradise--
We'll bleed; indeed, that's what we will do.

It's a Medieval trope.
Can we escape it? Nope.
No hope that it's all over soon.

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