Saturday, October 29, 2011

"Islam For Leathernecks"

That's Diane West's cheeky term for the lessons U.S. Marines have been receiving from an Islamic scholar; I prefer to call it "Etiquette for Kafirs":
[Marine Corps-contractee Shafiq] Mubarak teaches US Marines:
Don't spit toward Mecca.
Don't urinate toward Mecca.
Don't sleep with your boots toward Mecca.
In other words, Mubarak teaches US Marines to become intensely sensitized to the whereabouts of Mecca, and to be guided by that magnetic North for Muslims as a matter of the most personal habits and hygiene -- in accordance with sharia (Islamic law). This goes well, of course, with ISAF's guidance to all troops to revere the Koran and its teachings.
What next, prayer rugs?
I wouldn't be at all surprised, but Marines will no doubt be told to refer to them as "welcome mats."


Carlos Perera said...

In my wild dreams and fantasies about the next Republican Administration, I imagine that Diana West becomes Secretary of State (or, if that is not politically feasible, Czarina of Grown-Up Behavior).

scaramouche said...

I love her too, CP. I got to meet her a couple of years ago at a conference, and she was as nice as she was unassuming--and so smart.