Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Suffering" Muslims Join 'Occupy Wall Street' Kvetch-Fest

From onIslam:
In a sign of support, Muslims held their weekly prayers at Wall Street, where American protesters occupied the area.

Imam Aiyub Abdul Baki of the Islamic Leadership Council delivered a sermon on social justice.

"We are also suffering; suffering racism and discrimination,” the imam said.

Venting anger at the hated policies of Wall Street bankers, the imam pointed to Islam’s opposition for usury system.

He also complained of the growing bashing of US Muslims in recent years.

“Islam-bashing is on the increase," Abdul Baki said.
Bashing Islam may or may not be on the rise, but bashing Jews sure is, particularly in New York state:
In 2009, of 37% of all hate crimes committed in the Empire State were directed against Jews. With regard to hate crimes motivated by religious affiliation, Jews were targeted 85%. Most of the hate crimes directed against Jews were crimes against property (presumably synagogues and Jewish community centers) although more than half the incidents involved threats and assault against Jews. To put this figure into perspective, Muslims in New York State were targeted 1.6% of the time. While the report notes that such figures are underreported within the Muslim community one still cannot ignored the vast statistical differential.
My nomination for the most tedious sound in the world: the Halleluiah chorus of whinging, whining Islamists and Leftists.

Update: Zombie took some photos of the "Occupy" rabble in Oakland, CA. This one seemed especially apropos:

Zombie comments:
But some of the protesters reminded us: If we aren’t all in tune with Allah, nothing will change. As the uprisings in North Africa have reminded us: the only path to true revolution is through Islam. Maybe this will be the American “Arab Spring” in more ways than one!
You would think that the Leftists would have learned from the example of Iran's revolution. Sure, in order to topple the Shah, the Islamists were delighted to march arm-in-arm with the secular Socialists. But once the Ayatollah and his mully-bullies had cemented their hold on power, the Lefties were forced to accede to their will, and thousands of them were imprisoned and killed.

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