Thursday, October 20, 2011

Radically Chic Zionhass

Contentions' Seth Mandel skewers a disturbing and disgusting phenomenon--the Left's total rejection of Israel qua Israel, and of Jewish lefties who don't toe their rejectionist line:
There is something quaint and almost admirable (almost!) about Jewish pro-Israel leftists. It’s not that there is an inherent contradiction; you can be both liberal and pro-Israel, certainly. It’s that they are so viscerally unwanted by their peers, who are desperately and depravedly stripping people like [Leon] Wieseltier and [Israeli novelist David] Grossman of their identities because Wieseltier and Grossman stubbornly refuse to renounce it themselves.
Of course it troubles me to see protesters rant about “Jewish bankers.” But it is no less troublesome to see the so-called reasonable and mainstream protesters insist Jews check their support not just for Israel, but for Israel’s existence, at the door in order to be part of their “99%” club. This extravagant cultural falsification is the real scandal of today’s liberalism. And yet it goes mostly unchallenged from within.

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