Monday, October 31, 2011

Is Herman Cain Being Clarence Thomased?

Yup. This could well derail his campaign since, as we know, such accusations are way more incendiary than, say, having an outright America/Jew-hater as your mentor.

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Carlos Perera said...

No doubt the MSM will try to make something out of what, even by _Politico's_ tendentious account, seems to be a lot of nothing. And, as Scaramouche has pointed out, Mr. Cain will be subjected to a glaring double-standard.

Setting aside for a moment the MSM's unwillingness to report Obama's politically unsavory past associations and statements, which seriously cast doubt even on his willingness to adhere to basic Constitutional principles and rule of law, or even to place America's interests first in international affairs, an instructive contrast might be made to the pass Bill Clinton--who had racked up a truly impressive history of serious sexual harassment charges and incidents (not to mention a credible accusation of actual _rape_)--got from big media during his two Presidential campaigns. Still, all Republicans should by now--unless they're borderline senile like John McCaiin--know that the media will do their best to tar them with scandal, real or fabricated.

Hopefully, Mr. Cain will have the moxie not to descend into a slough of defensive apologies for nothing; what he needs to do, is to mount a strong counterattack against _Politico_ and any other media outlets trying to make these diffuse allegations stick. He has the advantage of being able to use the race card effectively if he chooses, as Thomas did, by pointing out that the accusations play to stereotypical perceptions of black male sexuality. (Hey, ain't nothing wrong with picking up the arrows and bolts the enemy shoots at you and shooting them right back at him! . . . though, admittedly, Republicans have had a hard time learning this.)