Sunday, October 30, 2011

T.O. "Kids" Getting Away With Murder

An extremely disturbing report from the Toronto Star:
Monique Lyle ended an escalating argument with a man she had just met in the Jane St. subway station by stabbing him in the back and head. The mother of one is unrepentant. 
A loaded 9mm pistol tucked in his waistband and crack cocaine in pockets, drug dealer Bennett McCreedy struggled with police officers trying to arrest him in a public building.  
A behemoth, Bennett would not look out of place on a professional football field.

Tristan Rice drove a pickup truck around Toronto, slowing down to look for targets and laughing while he fired an assault weapon-style paintball gun at homeless people. 
Newton Walters terrorized the east side, a cloth covering his face and knife in hand, robbing six convenience store owners of cash and cigarettes. He committed some of the robberies after consuming his third ecstasy tab of the day — what he called a “triple smack.”

Unreformed and unmoved by the damage caused by his first sexual assault, Cole Gilbert committed a second, this time in a high school bathroom.

After time spent behind bars waiting for the conclusion of their cases, the total amount of jail time these five criminals were sentenced to by a judge:

Sixty days.


Because they are kids.

The Toronto Star spent four months inside the 311 Jarvis St. youth court north of Dundas St. in Toronto and found: Kids who committed serious crimes got little or no jail time; repeat offenders whom the court failed to rehabilitate; and youth charged with serious, violent crimes granted bail too easily and released to the street...
There's something fundamentally wrong with such a system, no?, one that's more concerned about underaged, recidivist thugs than about the law-abiding people they harm.

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