Friday, October 28, 2011

Things She Learnt In School

A recent product of Canada's educational system speaks out in favour of the Occupy mob:
As shocking as it may sound, the Occupy protesters do have reasons for what they do. Across Canada, thousands of individuals are standing up for what they believe in, and camping out in support of economic equality. They are sacrificing the luxuries of their homes to create change. Every time I pass by the Vancouver Art Gallery, I can't help but be proud and impressed by the little tents packed tightly together in front of the public building. These people should be honoured, appreciated, and most importantly heard, not simply disregarded as being a nuisance or a hindrance to society. Instead of trying to get rid of protesters, municipalities across the Canada should listen for once, and compromise with their citizens.
We may be a country known for our freedom of speech and thought, but we surely are not one in which these words and actions are truthfully heard
Christine Grigorian, Grade 12 student, Vancouver.
Sigh. Such staggering ignorance of what has happened in history when idealists have forced "compromise" on people for the sake of "economic equality"; such a Utopian, "change"-fetishizing worldview. If Ms. Grigorian is an example of the kind of citoyen being produced by our school system--and there's no reason to believe she isn't--we are well and truly doomed.

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We are well and truly doomed...