Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Sexy" Money

The Ceeb reports that before the government unveiled the new hundred dollar bill, it got focus groups to respond to it. Not surprisingly, folks said they saw all kinds of bizarre stuff (that wasn't there):
"The overall purpose of the research was to disaster check the $50 and $100 notes among the general public and cash handlers," says a January report to the central bank.

The Canadian Press obtained the report along with other documents under the Access to Information Act.Almost every group thought the see-through window looked like a woman's body, but participants were often shy about pointing it out.

"However, once noted, it often led to acknowledgment and laughter among many of the participants in a group."

The new $100 bills feature two portraits of Prime Minister Robert Borden.
On the other side of the bill, there's an image of a researcher at a microscope and a depiction of the double-helix structure of DNA.

But the DNA strand evoked something else. A Vancouver focus group thought it was "a sex toy (i.e., sex beads)."

Others thought it was the Big Dipper...
I think the fact that a Vancouver group saw "sex beads" tells you a lot more about people in Vancouver than it does about the money.

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