Tuesday, June 18, 2013

CNN Quandary: "Afghan Forces Formally Take Over Security of Country. Now What?"

Isn't it obvious? Now the Taliban come back full throttle and seize control from Hamid "Put the Moolah in the Shopping Bag" Karzai.

That's what.

Update: Well, that didn't take too long: Afghanistan kicks off peace talks with Taliban in Qatar.

Update: US to open direct talks with Taliban. You know what that means, don't you? Time to replay this song:

If we could talk to the Taliban,
Just imagine it,
Chatting with jihadis in Pashto.
Imagine intellectual wrangles,
Discussing all the angles,
Who knows just how far it all could go?

If we could talk to the Taliban,
Share a meal with them,
Maybe we could win their minds and hearts.
We could agree to disagree-ah,
Though not about shariah,
'Cuz laying down that law is where it starts.

We could converse with clerics who despise us
And they would curse our presence in their land.
If they should ask, "Do you like the caliphate?"

Say for the hellavit, "It's grand!"

If we could talk to the Taliban,
Show 'em bags of cash,
Tell 'em that the jizya we will pay.
So if we talk to the Taliban,
Flock to the Taliban,
Grovel, bow and not mock the Taliban
Maybe they'll talk today!

Update: Shockingly, I agree with lefty rag the Independent's assessment:
From the Taliban’s perspective, the Nato handover means that their 12-year war has entered a brilliantly promising new phase: not only have the most professional forces ranged against them withdrawn to barracks, but the Afghan troops, though in theory receiving Nato  air support, have in fact been left largely to their own devices. The Afghan state we are leaving behind is weak, corrupt and bitterly divided, and it is not clear how long it will survive.
I give it two months--three months, tops.

Update: Taliban Step Toward Peace Talks is Hailed by the U.S.: Give me a freaking break!

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Unknown said...

Feb 2013: "Karzai sent a message to the Norwegians offering the Taliban the Ministry of Justice and the position of Chief Justice," the source told Al Jazeera. A second source also close to the Afghan Taliban in Doha confirmed the offer.

Karzai another one of Obama's 'buddies'.