Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Song for Young Green Eyes (A.K.A. Our New Prime Minister)

You see a pair of big green eyes
And suddenly you're sighing sighs.
He sings a little tune,
You swoon,
And fall for his crap.
That tune, that swoon, they're part of the Trudeau trap.

He says he's for "the middle class,"
Conservatives are awf'ly crass.
You're putty in his hands; his plans
Make you want to clap.
Those plans, those hands, they're part of the Trudeau trap.

Some months from now
When you gained some more perspective
You may wise up and you'll see your voting
Was defective.

Then all at once you have regrets,
Start smoking Justin cigarettes.
You take another toke
The joke's
So droll you go, "Snap!"
You thank your stars that you're so high.
The only way to take this guy.
You hate your fate--
You're stuck in the Trudeau trap.

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