Monday, October 26, 2015

Is CIJA Smoking Some of Justin Trudeau's Wacky Tabbacky?

That's a distinct possibility, given CIJA's enthusiasm (which, granted, is probably fake/feigned) for Justin Trudeau's Israel-related policies:
Canada’s Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs said, “We are grateful for the positions Mr. Trudeau and his party have taken on a number of issues, including: support for hate crimes legislation; sanctions against Iran; a range of social justice challenges; and a close Canada-Israel relationship—to name only a few.”
Support for hate crimes legislation? Oh, you mean the desire to resurrect that odious Section 13, the one that Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant helped kill off with lots of garlic and a wooden stake to the heart?

And those Iran sanctions--they're pretty much a thing of the past now that Justin, like Barack, has given thumbs up to the heinous and irrevocable nuke deal.

As for "social justice challenges"--that's just CIJA pandering to the newly-elected Liberals, since "social justice" was the bailiwick of the now-defunct Canadian Jewish Congress's (and one of the reasons why it was defuncted).

Yup, there's a distinct scent of weed--even if it's only of the metaphorical variety--emanating from CJIA HQ.

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