Friday, October 30, 2015

The Organization Formerly Known as CAIR-CAN Hails Ottawa Police Chief's Dhimmitude

As we learn in this video referred to in an NCCM tweet, one of the first things the chief did in the hours following the fatal shooting of Corp. Nathan Cirillo by a hardened jihadi was to send out an e-mail warning Muslim leadership that bad things could happen to Muslims in coming days, and to assure these leaders that his personal assistance was but a phone call away.

I'd say that satisfies at least some of the criteria of dhimmitude--showing deference and reaffirming that all Muslims are blameless while it's infidels who pose a greater threat to Muslims than Muslims do to them.

In so doing, the chief wasn't "Magnifying Our Connections"--the video's clunky, tone-deaf way of phrasing it. He was magnifying the non-problem of angry, vengeful infidels as a way of sucking up to Muslims, some of whom are very dangerous indeed, and one of whom had just offed a Canadian soldier standing guard at Canada's War Memorial.

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