Friday, October 30, 2015

Do Not Trust a PA That Protests Too Much About Not Having Nazi Sympathies

Palestinian kleptocrat-in-chief Mahmoud Abbas took excessive umbrage when Israel's Netanyahu brought up the ties between the Grand Mufti (whom PLO founder Yasser Arafat considered to be his "uncle" and inspiration) and Hitler's Holocaust. Abbas has no problem, however, embracing the sort of Judenhass that kick-started the Shoah, and ensuring that Palestinian moppets are marinated in it at an early age. Hence, this:
The Palestinian organization that heads the Palestinian Authority promoted a German, Nazi-era children’s book on Twitter, nrg reported on Thursday. 
The tweet of the book’s cover and antisemitic message emanated from what is purportedly Fatah’s official Twitter account. 
The book, titled Do Not Trust A Fox in The Meadow Nor the Oath of Any Jew, was first released in 1936. It was one of three antisemitic children’s books published by Der Stürmer, a weekly Nazi tabloid. 
The paper, published by prominent Nazi Party official Julius Streicher, was a significant part of the Third Reich’s propaganda machine, and often ran obscenely antisemitic caricatures of Jews, blood libels and articles demanding the annihilation and extermination of the “Jewish race.” 
The book contains antisemitic cartoons, depicting the racial differences between Jews and “normal” Germans, and presenting Jews as dishonest business owners who cheat non-Jews. It ends by saying, “The Jews are our misfortune.”
Julius Streicher? He's soooo 1940s. I think it's time to update the kiddie book--Farfour Mouse Meets a Zionist Fox, say? ;)

Update: It's a culture "steeped in hatred"--a pathological Judenhass (like the Nazis') that's incurable.

Update: Another suggested book title for widdle jihadis--Nahoul Says, "Do Bee A Jew-Killer!"

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