Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"Dr." Scaramouche's Rx to Banish Those Post-Election Blues

Here in Canada we have a clue or two about who Justin Trudeau is. But down in the States, where Canada is the great frozen void (old American joke: Name the most boring book title ever. Answer: Canada, Our Northern Neighbor), they're just now taking their first glance at our new prime minister. And, no surprise, they like what they see.

Why, the Washington Post calls him "dashing."

That's right, "dashing."

As if he's some combo of Prince William and the late JFK, Jr.

For those of us here in the boring north who know exactly who he is--the Dauphin who was born in the lap of luxury but who longed for more attention from his flighty and often AWOL mom; the front man for a cadre of power-loving "progressives" who believe that Conservatives are eee-ville and that Liberals rule by divine right--the "dashing" stuff is a bit hard to take, never mind swallow.

No matter. There's much more in this vein to come, and all one can do is steel oneself for the impending avalanche of awfulness. And here's what has helped me work through my own pain: instead of listening to interminable post-election analysis on the Ceeb or reading it in the newspapers, I've been tuning into AM 820, the 24 hour stand up comedy station.

Turns out laughter is the best medicine for one's post-election blues.

Helped along by a couple of tumblers-full of ice-cold Prosecco (my favorite bubbly), of course. ;)

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