Monday, October 19, 2015

The Jihad Catch-22?

It's expressed here, in an article about British Prime Minister David Cameron's new steps to deal with young jihadis. Cameron's effort, of course, has given rise to the usual complaints:
But critics say they worry that the new measures may be seen as heavy-handed and exacerbate the sense of alienation and resentment among young British Muslims, which is itself a driver of radicalization.
Bollocks, as the say in the U.K. What drives radicalization is the jihad imperative that's embedded in Islam's sacred texts.

That and the sense that the jihad in aid of expanding the Caliphate is making a lot of headway these days.

Also, for former video game couch tubers, who used to get their jollies zapping virtual human beings, there's the real life "fun" of offing real live infidels in delightfully gruesome ways.

Good luck defeating that, Dave.

Update: Local Official Muslim who thinks infidels can be guilted out of protecting themselves warns that Cameron's anti-radicalization program has, what else?, "McCarthyist undertones."

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