Friday, October 30, 2015

Syrians Are Returning Home--So Why Bring 'Em Here?

Our new prime minister, Justin Trudeau, wants to bring 25,000 Syrian "refugees" to Canada a.s.a.p., and he wants the military to play a key role in the delivery, even if it unduly strains our resources.
I say hold your horses, there, Justin. Because of Vlad Putin, hundreds of thousands of Syrians are returning home.
You know how it's going to play out, don't you? We'll bring all those Syrians here, endow them with citizenship (and in Justin's Trudeaupia, there'll be no more fuss about keeping your niqab on to swear the citizenship oath), and they'll go back to Syria once things calm down. And when tensions flare up again, these citizens of convenience will insist we get 'em outta there--fast, as Lebanese-Canadians did when Hezbo went to war with Israel.

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