Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Full Page Justin Trudeau Ad in the Canadian Jewish News: "On Oct 19th, our government will change. What won't change is Canada's support for Israel."

Gee, Libs, I thought the Conservatives had made Israel a "wedge" issue among Jewry and that you, unlike those eee-ville right-wingers, were not prepared to stoop to conquer (so to speak). Now, here you are in the CJN, in full colour (with lots of splashes of Liberal red), being every bit as "wedgy" as Stephen Harper (see page 9 of this pdf).

Guess what, though. At this stage of the game, the majority of Jews aren't buying what you're selling (see page 12, "Poll shows plurality of CJN readers support Tories").

Update: On the Liberal Party website, you are being asked whether you'll vote for Justin on election day. Your only two choices: "Yes" or "Maybe." So if your answer is "No," you are fresh out of luck, my friend.

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